Saturday, August 11, 2012

SMHS Fightin' Rattler Graduation Cake for my Nephew

I planned this cake for months!  I was really excited for the opportunity to make it.  When my Mother-in-law came to me and asked me to make my nephew's cake, I was flattered.  I love making cakes but this was an opportunity to really do something fun!  I pondered what I could do to set this cake apart from your average graduation cake and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  A RATTLER cake!!!  I took to google to find the perfect "pattern" for a cake.  Not a literal pattern, but at least an idea of how I should attempt something like this.  Here is the site I found.

In order to achieve this, I would need to know how to cover cakes in fondant, so I planned to practice.  (you saw the last two posts, right?)  Once I felt comfortable with that technique, I decided it was time to try this. 

My first step was to mold the head of the snake and the rattler.  I brought up google images of a rattlesnake head and it's rattler and molded it based on the pictures I saw.  The rattler needed to be purple because those are the school colors.

I let these dry for several days.  To get that neat texture for the scales, I used a netting I picked up at the grocery store.  The next step was to make my cake and carve and cover each layer.  I also had to texture each of those.

I got to the top layer and built up the neck so that I could attach the head.

I then stacked the cakes.

I'm not sure why the first picture had that purply-pink thing going on, the other pictures are more true to color.
Several days before I had worked on a graduation hat and tassle.  Those had been drying, so the next day I added them, and some diamonds.  This was a diamond back rattler, afterall.

The final touches were his eyes and the 2012. 
I was really proud of this cake, and my nephew loved it.  I'm waiting on a picture of him eating the head of the rattler...but, it hasn't made it on Facebook yet. ;-)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

N's 8th Birthday POKEMON Cake!

My son, N, LOVES Pokemon.  When he asked for a Pokemon cake I first got excited because I wanted to attempt to mold all the little Pokemon in gum paste.  Then, after realizing what I might be getting myself into, and also because I was to do another cake that same week that would be a real challenge, I decided to give in and buy the Pokemon to go on top of the cake.  When I told him I was expecting him to be sad, but instead he was ecstatic!!  He couldn't wait to get to play with all the little Pokemon figures that I bought for his cake!!

With several weeks to go before this cake would be done, I started on the lettering.  I'm finding that I really like this process.  It's calming to me.  I printed out the word, Pokemon, from their website and used it as a gauge to make my letters.  I did not make a template this time.  Instead I just looked at the letters and drew it with my exacto knife.  This was the result.

Next, I had to figure out how to make a Poke-ball with the actual cake.  I tried making the fondant one big sheet and discovered rather quickly that the technique I was trying was NOT something I could accomplish.  Instead I cut the cake into two hemispheres and proceeded to cover each cake separately.  I then pushed them back together and sealed them with the black.

I called it a night after this step since the dilemma of how to cover it had taken me a while to figure out.  The next day I continued working on the cake.  I made rocks and grass out of gumpaste.  I attached the lettering and placed the rocks and grass.  Then my son helped me to place the figures.  After asking some cake friends what they thought, I tried to make it seem like they were fighting a Poke-battle by putting the details around the figures on the top of the cake.  I'm not sure that comes across to anyone who bothers to look at the cake, but I knew what it was. :-)